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Keynote speakers

Scientific keynotes

Francesco Rogo
Luciano Floridi    
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford and Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication at the University of Bologna (from 2021-22). He is a world-renowned expert on digital ethics, the ethics of AI, the philosophy of information, and the philosophy of technology. He has published more than 300 works, translated into many languages. He is deeply engaged with policy initiatives on the socio-ethical value and implications of digital technologies and their applications, and collaborates closely on these topics with many governments and companies worldwide.

Industrial keynotes

perpaolo gambini
Pierpaolo Gambini
Leonardo is ones of the world’s major players in aerospace, defence and security, a global solutions provider and a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions and business customers. We deliver cutting-edge and dual-use technologies, meeting both military and civil requirements. Pierpaolo is Senior Vice President Innovation and IP.
Francesco Rogo
Carlo Ratti    
Carlo Ratti is an Italian architect, engineer, inventor, educator and activist. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he directs the MIT Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities. Ratti is also a founding partner of the international design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, which he established in 2004 in Torino, Italy, and now has a branch in New York City, United States. Ratti was named one of the "50 most influential designers in America" by Fast Company and highlighted in Wired magazine's "Smart List: 50 people who will change the world".
andrea vena
Andrea Vena
The European Space Agency is dedicated to the peaceful exploration and use of space for the benefit of humankind. ESA is an intergovernmental organisation of 22 member states, established in 1975, and has its headquarter in Paris. Andrea Vena is Chief Climate and Sustainability Officer.

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PhD Workshop

PhD students attending the conference can attend the 22nd CINet PhD Workshop for free.

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Young Academics Workshop

CIYA will organize their 12th young academics workshop on the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.

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